Tips to Find a Fantastic Growler

If you love beer, then you need to have a growler. Period.

A beer growler is a vessel that is used to transport beer. A good growler must be air-tight. Most are made out of glass, but stainless steel or ceramic growlers will get the job done. When you want to take draft beer somewhere, a growler is your best option to get the job done.

Growlers have just recently become quite popular, but the technology behind them has been around since the 1800’s.

Whether you just want to bring draft beer home from the local bar or you want to manage your home storage with the best mini kegerators, then you’ll need at least one growler to help you out. These tips can help you find out which ones will make the grade.

#1. Find one that is easy to clean. Growlers need to be clean to be effective. That means you’ll need to rinse them out with hot water after you’ve consumed the beer they contained. Make sure the design of your growler makes this an easy task to do. When the beer has been in the growler for some time, deposits from the beer can require cleaning it out with a detergent and brush, which also requires access.

#2. Get the right size to meet your needs. The two standard growler sizes are 64 ounces or 128 ounces. Keep in mind that you’ll actually get less beer in there than the maximum amount because you’ll need space for the head. To make sure you don’t make a mess (or have an angry bartender), find a growler that has a fill line etched into the side of the container.

#3. Make sure that you’re following local laws. In the United States, there are different requirements in every state that govern how you can fill your growler. Some states regulate how growlers can be transported. Make sure that your growler is properly labeled and you’re filling it at a proper location so you don’t find yourself running into problems with the law over your beer.

#4. Watch out for growler exchanges. You can purchase your own empty growler outright without an issue. If you’re using the growler for your home brew, then that’s all you need to worry about. If you fill it elsewhere, however, you’ll find that some retailers, brewers, and bars require you to exchange an empty growler for one of their in-house growlers. Don’t give up your nice growler just because you want some beer. Go somewhere else.

#5. Look for a pressure release option. Because a growler is a closed container, it will build pressure inside of it with temperature changes. You’ll need to avoid hot or extremely cold temperatures with your growler. If enough pressure builds, you could find yourself with an explosion of beer in your home or vehicle. Look for growlers that will let you safely release any built-up pressure before opening the container.

Finding a fantastic growler can open many new worlds of beer enjoyment for you. Purchase the right size and type for you and then explore what your community can offer.

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