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“Mmm… beer.”

That’s my favorite character on TV echoing my thoughts almost every evening. After dinner, when the family is beginning to relax, I like to crack a cold one open. It’s like dessert, but better.

Now I’m not partial to one specific type of beer, but I know many who are. I’m good with stocking some bottles in the fridge with the leftover lasagna, but there are times when you’ve got company over and you don’t want them rifling through your main fridge. What do you do?

You expand your space.

With a great beer fridge, an outdoor kegerator, a mini kegerator, or other beer storage options, you can maximize your entertainment and give yourself draft beers whenever the urge strikes. I love a good growler, but nothing beats beer straight from the tap.

The only problem is that there are a lot of imitators out there that produce inferior appliances. Instead of trial and error being the way to find the best addition to your home, I thought I’d share my beer experiences with you.

That way we can all say, “Mmm… beer,” and actually mean it.


Ryan Baxter.

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